Monday, July 23, 2012

The Patriarch's Consecutive Skin Swim Count

Next Swims: Tuesday 7/24 6AM & 6PM, Wed 6AM

Last Swims:  Mon 7/23 6AM & 6PM
Water Temps: 72.7 (with pockets of slightly cooler and warmer water)
Waves:  flat
Water Clarity:  cloudy am, clear offshore pm
AM Crew: The Patriarch, Diablo, Gumdrop, Kahuna, Showgirl, Lauren
PM Crew: The Patriarch, Crash, Mary, Sidney, Laura, Hailey, Debra, Dave, John, Capt'n (plus one other....sorry, I can't remember your name)

The lake conditions have been SO nice....just how nice?  They have been SO nice The Patriarch has now swum in the lake 25 consecutive days without a wetsuit!!  Granted the first day of his streak officially registered on the Loco-meter at 58 and the next two in the low 60's but since then the water temps have been 65 or higher.  (...which is The Patriarch's officially sanctioned threshold for skin swimmable water.)

Yes indeed, ideal conditions persisted once again for this evening's swim.  Water temps in the low 70's, a flat lake surface and crystal clear water (50-100 meters from shore)  The Klode crew of regulars was a tad bit light this evening but our numbers were buoyed thanks to a group of 8 swimmers walking the plank at the same time we were.

The majority of this evening's crew enjoyed a delightful swim up to Mudslide and back while a few from our sister crew swam a bit longer in preparation of upcoming events.  Just about the only thing unpleasant this evening were some rather aggressive biting flies.....whose life I'm sure will be short lived thanks to the growing number and size of the dragonflies we saw patrolling the walkway from the beach to the parking lot.


Kahuna said...

Gwen Jorgenson races at 9:00 am (London Time) on Saturday, August 4th. That would be 3:00 am Milwaukee time. Who's up for a party at 3:00 am, then a swim? Second question, where would we hold said party?

Gumdrop said...
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Gumdrop said...

Which leads one to most naturally wonder, what is the optimal number of Killepitcsh shots to consume before swimming?