Friday, July 20, 2012

Playing in the Waves

Next Swims:  Fri 7/20 6PM, Sat & Sun noon

Last Swims: Thu 7/19 6PM, Fri 6AM
Water Temps: 72-74
Waves: Thu PM 2-3 feet, Fri AM 3-4 feet, irregular and choppy, with a strong current pushing south, difficult to swim in, fun to play in
Water Clarity:  Murky with stirred up silt and sand
Thu PM Crew: Patriarch, Lauren, Hannah, Kahuna, Brian, eRun, another person whose name I don't remember (sorry!)
Fri AM Crew: Patriarch, Gumdrop, Showgirl, Cap'n, Diablo, Kahuna, Brain, Ryan

We aren't setting any distance records in the very heavy surf, but we're having a lot of fun bouncing around in the big waves.  Sort of like a roller coaster, a little scary but lots of fun.  The hairiest part is getting over the sandbar where the waves break, but beyond the break it's not too bad.

It's quite an experience to swim against the current, it seems like you're flailing away as hard as you can, but barely making progress.  Sometimes the waves lift you up and instead of pulling water you're windmilling the air.  On the way back you move so fast you need to be careful to not overshoot your mark.


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erun said...

Greg, Thanks for letting me borrow your goggles. I can return them to you soon!

Patrick was the other who came along(newcomer), and he, Brian and I made it around the south rock pile and north just past the sewer pipe before deciding to come back. Big waves were fun!