Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Jump in the Lake!

Next Swims: Today Tuesday 7/3 6PM at Klode, and tomorrow Wednesday 7/4 at 9AM at Big Bay

We will swim from Big Bay Park on the 4th because Klode will be closed for fireworks setup.  Big Bay is on Palisades Ave, a one way going north, at the east end of Fairmount Ave, two blocks north of Hampton, where Lake Drive makes a sharp turn.  There is no parking lot, park on Palisades and walk down the paved path to the beach.  Sometimes Big Bay is shown as Buckley Park on maps.

Last Swim: Tuesday 7/3 6AM
Water Temp:  Hard to say, but there were very warm pockets (maybe 70) and cold pockets (maybe 60), but overall very comfortable with or without a wetsuit.
Waves: Calm
Water Clarity: Excellent
Crew: Diablo, Showgirl, Ele, Phil, Ed, Brain, Patriarch, Kahuna, and Kahuna's wife Terese and dogs Boden and Purdy romping on the beach

Despite all the whining when we walked the plank (as usual it was colder near the Klode rock piles), the swimming was great and everyone did a longer swim, with some going as far as the orange kayak.  I'm not sure how far that is, somewhere between 1.5 and two miles round trip maybe. Half of us wore wetsuits, half went skin, it was good either way.

There's no better place to be than in the lake on these scorching hot days.  Let me rephrase:  The lake is always a great place to be, but especially on a scorching hot day.  Let's try again:  the weather sucks, the lake is fantastic - so Go Jump In the Lake!

Happy Independence Day!


Gumdrop said...

Interesting idea, I wonder If one can go swimming under the full moon tonight while the firecrackers are shooting.

Kahuna said...

Gumdrop: Interesting idea indeed. Sonakahuna and a friend is taking a canoe down the nature trail in Shorewood, to watch the Shorewood fireworks. Might be interesting to put on wetsuits and go out with him. He said it looked great last year. The only thing to worry about is there are quite a few boats out there. itr

Gumdrop said...

4 0r 5 parks fireworks can be seen from Big Bay on the 4 TH, and in the past no boats have been out there. I think I may be making a second attempt at a full moon firecracker swim, depending on the fore-casted lightning.