Monday, July 9, 2012

Delightful Delirium

Next Swim: Tuesday 7/10 6AM

Last Swims:  Mon 7/9 6AM & 6PM
Water Temps:  Low 70s @ 6AM & 74.4+ @ 6PM
Waves:  calm @ 6AM & gentle <1ft waves @ 6PM
Water Clarity:  almost crystal clear
AM Crew:  The Patriarch, Diablo, Mike
PM Crew: The Patriarch, Crash, KungFu, Matt, Heidi, Nick, Capt'n plus a companion crew of 7 others

I arrived at our traditional Klode beach rondevu site a tad bit late this evening.  Lucky for me the crew had still yet to depart....that is everyone except for The Patriarch had yet to depart.  Oddly, swimming just off the beach was The Patriarch who was just beginning his journey....solo.  Puzzled, I shouted out a traditional pirate greeting to The Patriarch, "ARRG!".  Almost immediately The Patriarch stopped, stood up and shouted back with crazed look in his one eye and his whiskers twitchin', "ya better hurry up cuz the crew be leavin' ya behind". ...and after that he resumed his solo swim northward as the astonished crew watched from shore.

Was The Patriarch aware that he had left the crew behind?  ...or perhaps he was hallucinating from drinking too much lake water during his AM swim?  (...ha, ha...yeah, right...lake water? Grog is more like it!)  Or perhaps the exceptional conditions we've been enjoying have put The Patriarch in a state of delightful delirium?

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