Sunday, June 10, 2012

Picture Perfect

Next Swims:
   1pm Sunday (6/10) @ Bradford
   6pm Monday (6/11) @ Klode

Last Swim:  Saturday (6/9) 1pm
Water Temp:  60.6 with a pocket of 66.8 just a few steps away
Air Temp:  87 & Sunny
Waves:  none
Clarity:  Spectacular
Crew: Kahuna, Gumdrop, Jack Frost, eRun, Ele, Crash, Brad, David, Mike, Capt'n, Diablo

The view overlooking the bay from Klode's bluff on Saturday was just like one of those post cards from a mysterious tropical paradise.  The sky was cloudless, the water sporting various hues of turquoise blue and a water clarity so clear that you could easily identify the various sandbars across the bay.

An impressive sized crew assembled for Saturday's swim.  11 total with Diablo showing up for the traditional round of Pitsch before walking the plank.  The water Saturday was a bit cooler than Friday but the number of skin swimmers is growing.  4 total swimmers walked the plank skin...a record for the young season.


Kahuna said...

Report on Sunday's Swim:

Water: Good sized waves (1-3)
Clarity: Not particularly
Temperature: 64?
Kru: Jeff and Kahuna
Number of People on Beach: Enormous
Parking: Good for bikes, otherwise a hike
Scenery: Far better than Klode
Distance: About 25 minutes, whatever that equals
Lifeguards: Courteous
Pre- and Post- Swim Flirtation Opportunities: Extensive
Next Swim: Monday, 6 am, Klode?

Gumdrop said...

Last Swim: Mon. 6/11 6AM
Next swim: Tue. 6 AM
Water Temp: 55ish
Waves: little
Water Clarity: relatively clear
Crew: Beth,Gumdrop,Ben,Dave,Kahuna,Steve

Most people went to garage. I did skin to storm spout.