Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cap'n Takes a Dive

Next Swims: I believe Ben and Gumdrop and Beth are swimming on weekday mornings at 6AM.  Is anyone interested in a 6PM swim on Monday?

Last Swim: Sunday June 3 1PM
Water Temps:  we got readings from 55 to 60, and there were warm and cool pockets as swam along.
Waves:  Calm
Water Clarity:  Excellent
Crew:  Kahuna, Diablo, Pat, James, Patriarch, and Injured Guest Cap'n

From the bruises and cuts on Capn's arms and legs, it must have been one hell of a fight.  One arm was so swollen and sore he was carrying it with the other.  He claims he fell off his bike, but I think a more likely explanation was a jealous husband.  A lesser man might have sought out medical help, but Cap'n claimed all he needed was a 'pitsch and some rest.  But he didn't even attempt to swim, and if you know Cap'n, that says it all.

He missed a great swim.  Clear, calm water on a warm and sunny day.  The bay was full of boats and jet skis, so we stayed closer to shore and of course I towed Barbie (my bright orange float).  Apparently that pervert Kahuna couldn't control himself as he kept tugging at her.  The water is definitely getting warmer but still in wetsuit range for everyone except Diablo who continued his streak of skin swims (I guess the cliche about hot blooded Spaniards  has some truth to it).

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Luke said...

6 AM swim works for me tomorrow. I will be there, trying out a new smaller wetsuit for the first time.

Hopefully Gumdrop and Beth will be there!

Tonight, I can't do a 6pm swim... But if someone ends up doing one slightly later tonight, post it on the blog, and I might be able to join! :)