Saturday, June 23, 2012

Continuing to Improve

Next Swim:  Sunday 6/24 1PM

Last Swim:  Saturday 6/23 1PM
Water Temp: 59.4-60.6
Air Temp: 74 & Mostly Sunny
Waves: none....rippled glass
Water Clarity:  Crystal Clear
Crew:  Diablo, Phil with guest appearance by Capt'n

It appears that someone decided to get married this afternoon at the very spot the Klode Kru typically walks the plank at.  (Klode's south east beach)  Diablo theorized though that it may have been a funeral....come to think of it we haven't seen The Patriarch in awhile. rather than pose for pictures with the Bride & Groom or give our condolences the Klode Kru migrated up to Klode's northeast beach for today's festivities.

Klode's north and northeast beaches are a little trickier to walk the plank from as a smattering of small stones greet your feet for the first 15-20 feet of the plank.  Beyond that though it's nothing but sand and shallow water.  The surface water today was pleasant (low 60's) although noticeably cooler water could be felt a few feet below the surface.

The current plan is to swim at 1pm Sunday.  Who's in?


Patriarch said...

Gumdrop and Showgirl and I were the 8AM crew, but the water temp was still 52. They swam with wetsuits, I didn't swim. I'm spoiled now that I've swum in the 70 degree water in Door County. The lake was calm and it was very foggy. Showgirl spotted a large fish that she described as looking like a catfish and she wasn't sure if it was alive or dead. Cap'n??

Showgirl said...

One could argue that the people getting married were also walking the plank...