Sunday, June 24, 2012

"Fear, Pain, Defeat....does not exist"

Next Swim:  Monday 6/25 6AM?

Last Swim:  Sunday 6/24 1PM
Water Temp: 55 - 57  (warmer on the surface)
Air Temp: 86 & Sunny
Waves: slightly rippled
Water Clarity:  Crystal Clear
Crew:  Diablo, KungFu, Nivens McTwisp, Ele, Phil, Capt'n with guest appearance by Kelli

A pleasant day for a swim despite the deceptively warm looking water.  Diablo continued his streak of consecutive skin swims by logging a Garage and back swim.  Ele, Phil and I swam to mudslide and back (approx. 1 mile round trip) while KungFu and Nivens journeyed up to the orange kayak (approx. 1.5 miles round trip)

A round of Pitsch was enjoyed by all following today's most excellent adventure and a toast was raised to our newest nicknamed member (KungFu) who boasts an amazing kick, can quote the Karate Kid ( in the blink of my patchless eye and even has a blog of her own:


Showgirl said...

Gumdrop and I are swimming at the heinously early hour of 5:30 am monday morning.

Gumdrop said...

Next Swim: ?
Last Swim:Monday 6/25 5:30AM&6AM
Water Temp:mid 50's by the toe test
Air Temp: mid 50's
Waves: 4-5 foot white caps!
Water Clarity: shaken, not stirred
Crew: Showgirl,Gumdrop,Ele,Brain and special guest Diablo and one other lady.

Showgirl and I set out as the early kru to south south.
Despite a very valiant effort by showgirl the Lady of the Lake slapped her into submission in the form of an early exit on the way back. Being the conscientious gentleman, I escorted her to calmer waters before heading back out to enjoy the wavy blissful swim back.

When we returned the second crew suiting up for the challenge was Ele and Brain. Brain took off straight out between the rocks to Garage. Elle and I, starting at Down Spout made it to Garage to rendezvous with Brain, at which point Ele made the smart choice to exit,and I followed, while Brain headed back to enjoy a very fast water slide of a ride back to Klode.

Great fun can be had on days like these, as long as one plays within the rules set forth by the Lady, she'll let you know otherwise!

Gumdrop said...
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speedo7 said...

Dear LMS love your blog and love that you love the lake as we do,you swim on top us a group of divers swim under it.
A blog post a while back states you have been on swim's over the old Pabst white fish bay resort pier.The pier is a great area for exploring for new and old divers alike,could you pass on from water any landmarks? Thank you for your time.Brad I

Gumdrop said...

Next Swim: 5:30 AM 6/27
Last Swim:Monday 6/26 5:30AM&6AM
Water Temp:low 60's by the toe test
Air Temp: low 60's
Waves: half foot swells
Water Clarity: 3 with some bottom visibilty.
Crew: Showgirl, Gumdrop, Kahuna, Brain,Diablo.

The water has warmed up very nicely. We were doing skin swims to Mudslide at this temp last year, if memory serves. Showgirl and I suited up for a swim to Cedar Grove and back to South beach, and unsuited for a little romp that took us almost to South South beach. Diablo, Kahuna, and Brain took off to Garage and back. Diablo has continued his streak of skin swims. Afterwards, Kahuna and I enjoyed some of Sollys delicious pancakes.

The Lady today was like a warm and playfully accommodating dance partner. The timing of the swells seemed to fall right in sync with ones stroke making it seem easy to achieve an effortless stroke
(groove) across the surface of the lake. If we can hold these temps we should be ready to start logging more swims to Mudslide, and even perhaps have more Loon sightings :).