Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nivens McTwisp

Next Swims:  6AM Friday (Diablo) & 6PM Friday?

Last Swim:  Thursday 6pm
Water Temp:  64.4
Water Clarity:  Clear
Waves:  none but slight current from south
Crew:  Diablo, Nivens McTwisp, Capt'n

Arrg...the water be absolutely delightful this evening!!  64.4 and relatively flat.  A round a Pitsch was hoisted to celebrate the water conditions as well as a new crew mate nickname....Nivens McTwisp!!

Diablo has spread a rumor that there be a crew goin' out at 6am Friday morning.  Nivens McTwisp may also be back Friday evening.  We're working on another order of Klode Kru swim caps with nicknames.  Interested?  Let me know!


Nivens McTwisp said...

An "Attaboy" goes out to Cap'n, who swam with a broken arm from a recent bike fall. Although slightly off-normal-pace, he still made it to the garage and back. His pirate spirit never waivers.

Gumdrop said...

Last Swim: fri. 6/8 6AM
Next swim: ?
Water Temp: 59
Waves: smooth as silk
Water Clarity: Crystal+++++
Crew: Beth,Gumdrop,Ben,Diablo

Diablo and I swam skin. Most went to Cedar Grove. The water was unbelievably clear and smooth. Ben is rumored to be swimming at 7AM tomorrow. Others may also show up at that time but nothing definite