Wednesday, June 13, 2012

No Brain No Pain

Next Swim:  Thu 6/14 6AM

Last Swim: Wed 6/13 6AM
Water Temp: 55
Waves:  One Foot, Very Choppy
Water Clarity: Excellent
Swim Crew: Cap'n, Diablo, Kahuna, Gumdrop, Jeff
Shore Crew:  Jack Frost

I hoped that Diablo would tell me his secret.  What powers of mind over matter had he used to swim so far yesterday in 50 degree water without a wetsuit?  What mystery had he solved?  What level of transcendence had he achieved?  How had he obtained the seventh circle of Lake Michigan Zen swimming?  I breathlessly awaited the wisdom he would impart.  But all he said was "No Brain No Pain".  


Bethie said...

I was searching for open water swim in the Milwaukee area and came across your blog. Are there any organized times during the weeknights? I heard something about Klode park in Shorewood/Whitefish Bay, but cannot find something online.

Looking for a Pewaukee alternative. Right now that lake isn't so great and very, very weedy. If you'd like to shoot me an e-mail at -- I would appreciate it. I'm still a beginner, only one tri under my belt, but another two this summer.

Mike said...

Klode Park is located here:
5900 Lake Dr Whitefish Bay, WI 53217

Usually these guys swim at 6AM and/or 6PM each day. You have to come back to this blog each day to find out when they're next swim will be. If you look at this most recent post, they say that their next swim will be Thursday 6/14 at 6AM.

Chances are, though, that if you show up at 6PM, there will be someone there. They usually meet in the parking lot at the top of the bluff, then walk down to the farthest south set of rocks (you'll see) and either swim north or south (depending on the current) from there.

Kahuna said...

Bethie -- I encourage you to come swim with the Kru. Mike's info is accurate. All levels of open water swim ability are welcome. The lake bottom where we swim is generally nice flat sand. If you want, you can swim the whole way in water that is shallow enough that you can stand up if you want to at any time. Not weedy like Pewaukee. Since most of us need to get to work in the mornings, morning swims tend to be short (20 - 30 minutes tops). The temperature map and wind map look promising for good water on Thursday, but given the recent water temperatures, you probably want to bring a wetsuit. We tend to gather at the appointed hour at the East end of the parking lot on top of the bluff. We look forward to seeing you on the beach.