Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cold and Clear

Next Swim: Fri 6/15 6AM

Last Swim:  Thu 6/14 6AM
Water Temp: 54
Waves:  One Foot Rollers, Building
Water Clarity:  Very Good
Crew: Kahuna, Beth, Gumdrop, David, Diablo, Patriarch

Today was pretty much a repeat of the last few days, a nice sunny morning with clear cold water.  Except today Gumdrop decided that if Diablo could swim skin he could too.  Brrrrrrrr!!!!

Time to make plans for the weekend.  Typically we swim at noon or 1PM to allow people to participate in early morning events.  But Kahuna is proposing an earlier swim of 8 or 9AM.  I am fine with any time.  If you have a preference please comment.  I am hoping the water will warm up soon so that we can start doing longer swims, especially on the weekends.


Beth said...

I vote for an 8am swim Saturday.

Kahuna said...

8 or 9 on Sat. work for me.

Gumdrop said...

Next Swim: Sat 6/16 8AM

Last Swim: Fri 6/15 6AM
Water Temp: high 50’s
Waves: 2-3 Foot Rollers, pushy current!
Water Clarity: stirred up
Crew: Kahuna, Beth, Gumdrop, Phil, Jeff

The playful waves and pushy current along with the rising temperatures made for a fun swim this morning. The water is forecasted to warm up nicely this weekend. I think it should once again reach the 60’s. Several of us will be swimming in the morning at 8.

This is the kind of morning swim I’ve dreamed about. Shall we say, wardrobe malfunctions galore? Lots of T & A hanging out this morning! Gotta love those forceful slightly disorientating waves and pushy currents combined with some well used swimsuits. It certainly made for some interesting sights if you were in the right spots!