Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Diablo Breaks the Record!

Next Swim:  Wed 6/13 6AM

Last Swim:  Tue 6AM
Water Temp: 50!  Yikes!
Waves:  small
Water Clarity:OK
Crew that swam: Beth, Gumdrop, David with wetsuits. Diablo skin!
Wimps that watched from shore:  me, Ben, Cap'n (who at least has his broken arm as an excuse)

I got a text from Steve early this morning that the water on his beach was very cold, he estimated 50.  I thought he might be exaggerating, but he was exactly right, it was 50.2 to be precise.  Beth had a lot of fun trashing talking, saying things like "are you girls going to join me this morning?"  Diablo said nothing, just gritted his teeth and plunged in with no wetsuit.  As far as anyone could remember, no one has ever swum an "official" skin swim (at least to storm spout and back) in such cold water, and he actually took it a step further, coming back the long way around the south rock pile.  Wow!  For his excellent effort he was greeted with the first twenty-one bun salute of the season (yes, the beach exercise group is back).

The endless discussion about choosing a swim nickname for Ben continued today.  "Brain" was suggested as a comment on his shaved head, but it would be an oxymoron to suggest that anyone in our group has any brains.

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