Sunday, June 27, 2010

Warming Up

Next Swim: Mon 6/28 5:45AM Klode

Last Swims: Sat & Sun 1PM Klode
Water Temp: 64
Waves: Calm Sat, 1-2 rollers Sunday
Water Clarity: Clear Sat, stirred up and cloudy Sunday from the storm
Sat Crew: Cap'n, Diablo, Gumdrop, Robin, Alex, Patriarch
Sun Crew: Diablo, Gumdrop, Kahuna, Robin, Matthew, H2, Kim, Patriarch

The lake is warming into the mid-sixties, which means it's time to think about ditching the wetsuits. Saturday we went without them, Sunday we wore them (except for Gumdrop). It just depends on how far you want to go and how long you can tolerate the cool water.

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