Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Four in Twenty Four

Next Swim: Wed 6/23 5:45 AM Klode

Last Swims:
Mon 6/21 6PM Klode
Tue 6/22 5AM Klode
Tue 6/22 5:45AM Klode
Water temp: pockets of warm and cold 63-68
Waves: a small chop last night, otherwise calm
Water Clarity: Amazing
Mon 6PM Crew: Gumdrop, Diablo, Cap'n, Patriarch, Perry
Tue 5AM Crew: Diablo, Cap'n, Patriarch
Tue 5:45 AM Crew: Cap'n, Kahuna, Lane, Chris, Patriarch

You might say that swimming four times in twenty four hours is too much of a good thing, but there is no such thing when it comes to swimming in the lake. We didn't plan it that way, it just sort of happened.

The first swim was our normal morning swim Tuesday morning, reported in the previous post.

It was so nice that we met again at 6PM Tuesday for a "no wetsuit or bust" swim, which turned out great, the water was warmed considerably during the day.

Because Diablo had to be at work early today, Cap'n and I met him at 5AM this morning for a swim to Cedar Grove and back.

When we returned, Kahuna, Lane and Chris were on the beach, so Diablo went to work and Cap'n and me got back in and swam with the other three out to mudslide.

OK, so technically it was four swims in twenty five hours, but four in twenty four sounds better. Besides, interpreting the facts is one of prerogatives of patriarchs.

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Gumdrop said...

Anyone want to go for a 2:00 PM swim?(blonde teacher?) time is negotiable.