Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dodging Thunderbolts

Next Swim: Thursday 6/24 5:45 AM Klode

Last Swim: Wed 6/23 2:00PM Klode
Water Temp: Anywhere between 61 and 68 depending on where you measured it.
Waves: Calm
Water Clarity: A bit churned up by the storm, but still good.
Crew: Julie, Cap'n, Patriarch

Whew! I thought our streak of swim days might be broken by thunderstorms. It was thundering loudly at our usual start time and the radar looked like it might keep up all day. But an early afternoon break in the action permitted us to sneak one in.

The water thermometer measured temperatures all over the place, but we decided to be optimists and believe the high reading of 68, and so in we went without wetsuits. It was OK for the most part, but every so often we swam through pockets of extremely cold water. Believe me, your pace will pick up considerably when you hit one. I felt like I was almost swimming fast enough to dodge thunderbolts.

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