Monday, June 14, 2010


Next Swim: 5:45AM Tuesday 6/15 Klode

Last Swim: Monday 6/14, 5:45AM, Klode
Water temp: 64
Waves: calm
Water Clarity: clear
Crew: Cap'n, Diablo, Patriarch, Kahuna, David, Julie

Apparently we are scofflaws, disturbers of the peace, disrupters of the tranquility of Whitefish Bay. Marcella, who leads the morning yoga class, told us there have been complaints about people in Klode park before it opens at 6AM. It even came up at a village board meeting. This is typical Whitefish Bay, of course. No rowdies, no yoga, no exercise class, no swimmers, no fun, nosiree, not in hoity-toidy Bay.

Well come and get me ye lily-livered landlubbers! I'll be der, at 5:45 morrow mornin, cannons blazin, sword drawn. Who be wit me??? Arggghhhhh!!


robin said...

Miss Yogi should have clarified that the uproar is because WFB has an issue with the bootcamps and yoga classes, which the landlubbers pay big bucks to attend, are using all the parking in the lots and on the streets. And leaving no place to park and play for the families to use.
I think this is also their opportunity to try and charge these groups for usage of the groups, being For Profit and all.
There was a write up in the local rag this past week about this. Funny, the people complained about this issue but not one attended the meeting to back their complaints.

JJ4 said...

Patriarch - and any others:

Wednesday looks to be decent weather for a noon swim for those of us with the leisure to swim during the work day (retiree, unemployed teacher, etc.).

Anyone up for a noon (or mid-day?) swim?

PS - feel free to call me 414-412-2746