Saturday, June 19, 2010

Swimming? Or Flying?

Next Swim: Sun 6/20 1:00PM Klode

Last Swim: Sat 6/19 1PM Klode
Water temp: not sure, we didn't have the thermometer, maybe 60?
Waves: calm
Water Clarity: Crystal Clear, Hawaii Clear, Clearer Than I've Ever Seen It
Crew: Gumdop, Diablo, Kahuna, David, Patriarch

Amazing day, warm, bright sun, and very clear water. It's fun to watch the sun dance on the bottom. I haven't seen such clear water since Hawaii. It was so clear, if you look at the swimmer next to you, it's as if they were gliding in air. When things line up right, you can see your shadow swimming below you. Very cool.

Our longest swim of the year, to "three piers", about 2 miles round trip. Let's do it again tomorrow!

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