Monday, June 28, 2010

Enter the 2010 Ice Queen?

Next Swim: Tuesday 6/29 5:45AM Klode

Last Swim: Monday 6AM Klode
Water Temp: 56 (a tad bit warmer north of the beach)
Waves: Calm
Water Clarity: stirred up and cloudy
Crew: The Patriarch, Diablo, David, Perry, Blondie, Ruth, Capt'n

They say you can't judge a book from its cover. Accordingly, it may be a bit premature to assign a nickname after just one swim. Unfortunately for Ruth though, this morning's sudden drop in water temp already has stirred up rumors that she may be dubbed the 2010 Ice Queen.

Historically speaking, every year there always appears to be an unfortunate soul who's appearances seem to coincide with the arrival of cold water temps. 2007's Iceman Larry the Legend and 2009's Iceman south side Steve most notably come to mind. Sadly, they both haven't come back since being stereotyped as cold water magnets to dispel the myth that the Lady of the Lake for what ever reason has turned a cold shoulder towards them. sure to stay tuned to see if this morning's icy greeting was but a mere coincidence for Ruth.

This morning's swim was a brisk journey up to Cedar Grove for most. Notable stories included:

  • The retraction
  • Sleep Swimming
  • The secret crush
  • Sleuthing the Stories
  • Enter the Ice Queen?
  • Swim fashion by Gumdrop

...and featured celebrities such as: The Patriarch, The Tyrant, Duke...oh, and of course Gumdrop.

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Gumdrop said...

Love Speedos-can hardly wait till my red banana hammock comes in.