Thursday, June 10, 2010

Catching Up

Next Swim: Friday 5:45 AM Klode
Saturday: Atwater beach, time to be determined, maybe noon?
Appomattox shipwreck tour if the water is clear (the buoy marking it is back out there, unlike last year, so it will be much easier to locate)
Note: Shorewood Men's Club Chicken Barbeque begins at noon Saturday

Last Swims: Tue, Wed, Thu, Klode 5:45 AM
Beach: Klode
Water temp: 58 Thu, I can't remember exactly Tue & Wed, but a bit warmer
Waves: Tue small rollers, Wed 2 foot rollers, Thu calm
Water clarity: Tue & Wed, somewhat cloudy and stirred up, Thu clear
Tue & Wed crew: Cap'n, Gumdrop, Diablo, Patriarch
Thu: same plus Kahuna

To those of you that have been harassing me to keep the blog up to date - BUG OFF. I'm a Gentleman of Leisure now, I can't be bothered to adhere to schedules.

Anyhow, our streak of great swimming continues. The water is a bit cooler, more typical for June, but with wetsuits it's not a problem.

We will be Cap'n-less for the next couple days because he would rather spend them in a hot sweaty van with a bunch of guys doing some nutty relay race, rather than in the sweet cool embrace of the Lake.

On Saturday we will change the swim venue to Atwater Beach so that we can pig out on Chicken Barbeque and beer after our swim. If the water is clear we can swim out to the shipwreck of the steamship Appomattox:

Last year we swam to the wrong place, we mistook a NOAA buoy for the one marking the shipwreck, because the shipwreck marker was gone. Unlike last year, the buoy marking the wreck is back. If you look out from the bluff overlooking the beach you will see two buoys, mostly straight out, but slightly left (north). The closer smaller buoy is the Appomattox, or at least the main keel, there are other parts scattered about.

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Alexander said...

Atwater on Saturday at noon, Outstanding! Meet at the main, railed, brick plaza, over looking the stairs? Remember, parking is tough that day, so bike or come early. 19 swims and 11 shots poured, what's wrong with these numbers? Maybe we can do something to fix that on Saturday. Invite a friend. -- Kahuna