Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Best Part of the Day

Next Swims:  Today Wednesday 7/22 6PM, Tomorrow 7/23 6AM

Last Swim:
Wednesday 7/22 6AM
Water Temp: 61
Waves:  Calm
Water Clarity: Ultra HD Clear, Amazing!
Crew:  Tom, Will, Zoom Zoom, Crash, Super Hera, Diablo, Kelly, Showgirl, Bubba, Capt'n, Patriarch
Wetsuit/Skin: 6/5

It was another gorgeous morning on the beach when Showgirl dropped a bomb.  She said her bike ride to work was "the best part of the day".  What?  Better than swimming in the lake?  She quickly tried to back pedal saying she meant the best part of her work day.  But the damage had been done.  Our feelings had been crushed, the sunny morning darkened, the joyful mood blackened.  We should have kicked her off the beach right then and there, but we were too stunned to act.

What could possibly be better than stroking through calm clear water, watching the rippled sand below glide past, ten, twenty feet down.  And if the sun angle is right you can watch your shadow keep pace, and see the reflections from the droplets falling from your fingertips splashing into ringlets on the surface.  And on top of all that, she gets to swim with handsome manly studs like us!

Itch if I were you I'd reconsider.    

1 comment:

Showgirl said...

Tell me what I have to do to make it up to you??