Sunday, July 12, 2015

Best Day Yet

Next Swims:  6AM every day this week Mon-Fri July 13-17.  Also, if the warm water continues we may add some evening swims.  Check back.

Last Swim: Sunday July 12th 11AM
Water Temp: 64 but pockets of warmer and colder
Waves:  Small ripples
Water Clarity:  Very Clear
Crew:  At least 26 swimmers today, I didn't get all the names, but here are the ones I did get: Chris, Abe, Steve, Kate, Carla, Kelly, Itch, Diablo, Mara, Tiny Mother, Nivens McTwist, Little Fish, Smartass, Kahuna, Sonnakahuna, Zoom Zoom, Gumdrop, Crash, Showgirl, Scooby, Capt'n, Patriarch
Wetsuit/Skin: 7/19
Pitsch Count: 18

A day in Paradise.  Warm clear water and hot sun.  Shivers begone!  

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