Friday, July 24, 2015

Hard to Get

Next Swims: Saturday July 25th 9AM
Sunday July 26th 1PM

Lake conditions are currently extremely variable.  We may or may not attempt a Big Bay swim this weekend, see comments below.

Last Swim: Friday July 24th 6AM
Water Temp 61 at the beach, pockets of very cold water away from the beach (but some warm too)
Waves: Calm
Water Clarity: Excellent
Crew: Crash, Diablo, Diana, Rosa, Showgirl, Mark, Gumdrop, Mike, Kelly, Forger, Capt'n, Monica, Patriarch

The Lady of the Lake is playing hard to get.  We had hoped to do a "Big Bay" swim this weekend, but she's not going to make it easy for us.  After a week of relatively warm water temps (mid to high 60s), it was much colder this morning (Friday).  God only knows what will happen on Saturday morning.  If the water is warm enough for a long skin swim (high sixties at least) and calm enough, we'll still attempt Big Bay, but if not we'll just do a regular swim and postpone Big Bay to Sunday or another day.

Moral of the Day: You can't predict Lake Michigan, you can only take what it gives you.

P.S.  By a Big Bay swim I mean one or both ways between Klode Park beach and Big Bay park beach.  It's 1.2 miles one way.  For one way swimmers we'll shuttle cars as we need to (or you can leave a bike or shoes at the other end and walk, run, or bike back).  The direction of the one way swim will depend on waves and currents, we'll do it the easy way :)

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Anna Anklam said...

I am hoping to join your group tomorrow! I would be new but it seems so great!! Do you meet at Klode at 1pm? What times and where do you usually meet in the week?
Hope to see you tomorrow,