Monday, July 20, 2015

Late Update

Damn the west wind!  Lake water temps have dropped like a stone.  51 at 5PM Monday, a full eleven degrees less than 6AM this morning.  Of course it could flip back just as quickly, but if you come Tuesday morning you may want your wetsuit just in case. Next Swim:  Tuesday 7/20 6AM.  Previously scheduled Tuesday 6PM swim in jeopardy, depending on what we find in the morning.


Lorraine said...

What a drag!! And we didn't even have a storm to cause it.

jamie said...

crap! sorry everybody. Before our swim on Sunday afternoon we were discussing water temps and I said "there's no way in Hell the temperature will get back in the 50's" So obviously I pissed off the Lake gods. As penance, I will be swimming sans wetsuit Tuesday morning regardless of temp. (thereby restoring the status quo)