Monday, July 6, 2015

Back to Reality

Next Swims:  6AM every day this week, July 7-10

Last Swim: Monday July 6th 6AM
Water Temp: 60
Waves:  Small Gentle Rollers
Water Clarity: Excellent
Crew: Julie, Becca, Rosa, Forger, Crash, Kahuna, Mr. Anonymous, Showgirl, Diablo, Gumdrop, Capt'n, Patriarch
Wetsuit/Skin: 7/5

Back to reality.  Yesterday's 65 degree water is but a pleasant memory.  Today's 60 was still very doable, the calmer water made for easier swimming.  

For those of you who like playing in waves, tomorrow might be the day.  A storm is predicted this afternoon, and we could have some waves tomorrow morning, up to 4 feet predicted.

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