Thursday, July 23, 2015

Almost 70

Next Swims: Friday July 24th 6AM
Saturday July 25th 9AM
Sunday July 26th 1PM

On Saturday, if conditions are favorable, we will do a Big Bay swim.  One or two way swim between Klode park and Big Bay park, 1.2 miles one way.  For the one way swim we will shuttle cars as necessary.

Last Swims:  Friday July 22nd 6AM and 6PM
Water temps: 63 at 6AM, 69 at 6PM
Waves:  Calm at 6AM, a bit choppy at 6PM
Water Clarity:  Super Ultra HD Clear
6AM Crew: Diablo, Crash, Itch, Mike, Tom, Bubba, Mr. Anonymous, Patriarch
6PM Crew: Itch, Lorraine, Capt'n, Liz, Jack Frost, Steve, Nanook, Monique, Patriarch
Wetsuit/Skin: 7/11
Pitsch Count: 8

It's been an incredible string of good swimming days.  The water has been crystal clear and temperature has been rising and now is only one degree shy of 70.  But we can't get complacent, we know from experience that it can quickly turn cold.  Come and enjoy it while it lasts.


Kate Lorenz said...

I'm jealous to be missing the famous Big Bay Swim! If anyone is up for doing it (again) on Sunday, I'm in. - Kate

Patriarch said...

Kate, we may postpone the Big Bay swim because this morning (Friday) the lake turned much colder again. If it's still cold Saturday morning (I'd say 50/50) we'll postpone to another day. Our loss would be your gain. But either way we are swimming at Klode at 9AM Saturday.

Kate Lorenz said...

Thanks, Greg. I can't make it on Saturday either way, but will be there on Sunday. Have fun and I'll be sending positive vibes to the Lady of the Lake this weekend!