Friday, July 31, 2015

Celebration Weekend

Next Swims:
Tonight Friday July 31st we'll celebrate the Blue Moon.  Meet in the parking lot at Klode at 7:45PM, so we can be in the water when the moon rises over the lake at 8:15PM.  Following the swim we'll celebrate at the Estabrook Park Biergarten

Last minute update:  I screwed up (again!).  The beer garden last call is 9PM, too early for us, so we'll go to Three Lions Pub instead (on Oakland just north of Kensington)

Saturday and Sunday swims will be at 10AM.  Perhaps if conditions are right we can make Sunday's swim a "Shipwreck Swim" celebration at Atwater Beach.  Possibly followed by brunch.  Let me know what you think, by leaving a comment on this blog, or we can discuss at the Biergarten tonight.

Last Swim: Friday July 31st 6AM
Water Temp: 57 at the shore, but warmer and colder pockets offshore
Waves: Calm
Water Clarity: Ultra HD Clear
Crew: Abe, Julie, Erin, Diana, Forger, Capt'n, Crash, Diablo, Showgirl, Gumdrop, Super Hera, Kahuna, Scarface, Patriarch
Wetsuit/Skin: 12/2

Some of the best swims happen when you least expect.  It was like that this morning.  I was expecting very cold unswimable water like we experienced yesterday.  But as usual the Lake confounded our expectations.  The water temp was a still cool but at least swimmable (for me anyway) 57.

Showgirl lived up to her name by putting on a swimming show, doing an impressive skin mile, outlasting even Diablo who turned back sooner.  Made me feel like a total wimp in my wetsuit.

Tonight we celebrate the Blue Moon at the beach where the moon rises over the lake at 8:15PM and then at the Biergarten.  Meet in the Klode parking lot at 7:45PM.  We have several swimmers who swim regularly but still don't have swimming names, we can rectify that with the inspiration found at the bottom of a beer mug.

On Sunday if conditions are right and storms hold off we can do a "Shipwreck Swim" celebration at Atwater Beach.  We can discuss details at the Biergarten tonight.

P.S.  Please consider purchasing a "Friends of Estabrook" beer mug which costs $15, but gets you one free beer and $1 off every beer as long as the mug lasts.

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