Thursday, June 2, 2011

Weekend Plans (6/3-6/5)

Next Swims: Friday (6/3) 6pm, Saturday & Sunday 1pm
Last Swim: 12pm Monday (5/30)
Water Temp: 50
Waves: calm
Clarity: cloudy / 1-2ft visibility
Crew: Kahuna, Sarah, Jodi, Lane, Capt'n with special guest appearances from The Patriarch, Diablo, Sir James, Crash & Lil' Sista

The weather forecast for the upcoming weekend looks exceptional! With Friday's forecasted high in the 80's who can say 'no' to an early evening dip in the lake? Saturday & Sunday's 1pm start time should accommodate those who plan to do the Smile Miles 5K Saturday morning at Veteran's park & the Miller Ride for the Arts Sunday morning. ...heck, Sunday's start time should also accommodate anyone who may be thinking of heading up to West Bend Sunday morning for the Boys & Girls club 5K....not sure if any one's thinking of driving all the way up there though.... :)

We had a great turnout for Monday's swim adventure. 10 crew members showed and 5 actually walked the plank despite a water temp of just 50! Our swim journey took us from Klode's south beach down to south south beach and back. Not having our fill of fun Lane and I continued our journey northward up to the north beach downspout before calling it a day. According to the Lane-o-graph our total swim time was 25 minutes.

Concluding today's festivities was a hearty round of Killepitsch. 8 shots were poured to bring our season total to 11. For the record, 10 hearty souls (...and their even heartier soles...) have walked the plank this season. Our Killepitsch counter now leads in that category too!

PS. Good Luck to Sonofkahuna who will be competing at the State High School Track meet this weekend in the 3200!!

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