Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Eerie swim conditons

Next Swim: Thursday @ 6am
Last Swim: Tuesday @ 6pm
Water temp: 61.7
Air Temp: 64 & fog
Waves: very slight chop from northeast
Clarity: murky
Crew: Diablo, Lane, Capt'n with special guest appearance from Diablito

Fog once again dominated the Klode shoreline on Tuesday. Similar to yesterday it wasn't the thin wispy variety of fog but rather the think pea soup fog that made large objects like the Klode rock piles disappear from sight. The water today was dark and murky. No doubt the result of today's storms and the lack of sunlight. Oddly, the top 1ft of water was relatively clear but beyond that the water clarity rapidly faded to brown.

The crew today swam up to the garage and then down to south south beach before calling it a day. The setting was quite eerie if you swam more than 100 meters from shore. Similar to being in a forest clearing, the stark turquoise blue hue of the rippled lake surface was prominent all around you but beyond that there was nothing but thick white fog.

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