Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mid-day Thursday update

Last Swim: Tuesday @ 6:30pm
Tuesday water temp: 58.6
Waves: choppy from the northeast
Clarity: great 50 meters from shore
Crew: Diablo, Slip-n-slide, Dave, Capt'n and (Kahuna too!) with guest appearance from Crash

Thursday 2pm water temp: 57.2
Waves: none
Clarity: Looks great from shore
Next Swim: 6am Friday (Diablo may be heading out Thursday evening)

I had a few extra minutes this afternoon so I dipped my toes in the water at Klode. I was expecting a warmer reading but perhaps the warmer water will be here by this evening or perhaps Friday morning. Diablo is rumored to possibly be coming out Thursday evening. I will for sure be out Friday morning at 6am.

Tuesday's swim wasn't nearly as pleasant as Monday's but Slip-n-slide and I still managed to make it up to the rock wall despite a choppy northeasterly current. The water felt cooler the further you swam out from shore but the clarity improved considerably.

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Kahuna said...

I was there swimming on Tuesday.