Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cold, colder....really cold

Next Swim: Friday 6PM
Last Swim: Wednesday 6/8 6:00AM
Water temp 6am Thursday 46! :(
Water Temp 6am Wednesday : 50 (considerably cooler away from Klode rock piles)
Waves: Calm
Water Clarity: Excellent
Crew: Diablo, Lane, Jodi, Capt'n with Special Guest Appearance by The Patriarch

We were greeted on the Klode shore Wednesday morning by the M-Power fitness crew and 3 new triathletes who had driven up from Bayview for an early morning swim. (...sorry, in all the excitement I don't think I caught your names...) As was the case Tuesday, the Klode beach water temp turned out to be considerably warmer than the water just 25-50 meters down shore. (...could it be that The Patriarch doesn't event need to apply his 'love lube' to entice the Lady of the Lake to warm the water underneath his feat???)

As we've already completed several journey's this year at the 50 degree water temp we walked the plank without even batting an eye. Clad in socks, multiple neoprene and silicone swim caps were able to complete a journey from Klode's south beach down to south south beach and back before calling it a day. Only Lane (...who shared with us his trade secret of practicing by soaking his hands in ice water...he had a more 'technical' phase for this practice but you get the picture...) had the desire to press onward. If I had to guess, the actual water temp was probably in the 45-46 degree temperature range. For those of you who decided not to swim today, your choice was certainly a sane one. Warmer water days are certainly ahead for's out there. Perhaps it will be here Friday? :)


Gumdrop said...

Sounds like good skin swim weather.

Diablo said...

Maybe we should do sacrifice something or somebody. We don't want to sacrifice Kahuna because he is huge. Pointless to sacrifice the Captain and we probably get a fine for polluting the lake. Love Bug Patriarch oculd be a good sacrifice but who will be able to read the Patriarch o'meter... Dewdrop it looks like we need to sacrifice you; too bad, I am going to miss that red thing that you wear...NOT!!!

Paula Suozzi said...

Thanks Ted - Casey and Paula drove up from Bay View. We'll be back but will likely wait until the temps are a bit warmer!

Gumdrop said...

Ahem, couldn’t help but notice, Diablo, that you did not list a reason why YOU should be spared-and I'll even throw in a red Speedo for you!