Friday, June 17, 2011

Fog & Cooler

Next Swims:
Friday @ 5:30pm (Diablo)
Saturday ???
Sunday Noon
Last Swim: Friday @ 6am
water temp: 54.2
Air Temp: 53 & fog
Waves: slight chop from the northeast
Clarity: great
Crew: Kahuna, Lane, Capt'n

Water temps continued their downward trend Friday morning but that didn't stop the crew from walking the plank. The skies were clear when we took the plunge but by the time we arrived at Garage a thick fog had rolled in. Lane and I continued our journey up to rock wall despite a slight chop from the northeast that would occasionally slap you the face if you took a breath off your right side. Water clarity was exceptional despite the thick fog that choked out the sunshine and hid the Klode rock piles from sight until you were within 100 meters of them.

Swim plans this weekend are a bit sketchy at the moment. The Patriarch is MIA until next Wednesday and I'll be in Madison for the Horribly Hilly bike ride until Sunday. Diablo is rumored to be making an appearance at Klode at 5:30 this evening. I'll be back in action Sunday at noon.


Diablo said...

Last Swim: Saturday @ 1:30pm
Water Temp: Warmer than yesterday
Air Temp: ? Cloudy/sunny
Waves: slight chop from everywhere
Clarity: Much better than yesterday
Crew: Me, myself, I and Chuckie Chester

Friday night swim.
Water Temp: refreshing
Air Temp: si
Waves: Chop from NE (Capitan said)
Clarity: None by the rocks, great away from the rocks
Crew: Diablo, Gabe, The Spaniard and Chuck

It seems like the water is warming up. Hard to say without the Patriarch O'meter, but it felt warmer than the Friday evening swim. Today with the sun in our backs thoughts of a long swim cross our minds. We went to the garage fighting the Lady of the Lake. Avast! She was kind of mad, angry, disappointed, because the love lube is MIA and the love stick was not there.
Arrr! Matey!!! El Capitan be on deck tomorrow.

The Patriarch said...

I swam today (Father's Day) with my daughter Melanie. We swam with a group of about 30 Nashville area triathletes (including an olympic gold medalist relay swimmer) at the Percy Priest Reservoir. The water temp was in the high seventies and there was barely a ripple of waves, but some complained about the "cold, rough water". I guess it depends on what you're used to. See you Wednesday.

Kahuna said...

Happy Father's day Patriarch, and happy multiple serial father's day to Diablo.