Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Big swing in water temp

Next Swim: Tuesday 6:30PM
Last Swim: Monday 5:30PM
Water temp 62.9
Waves: none....sheet of glass
Water Clarity: Exceptional
Crew: Diablo, Nick, Austin, Capt'n

The swim conditions were exceptional Monday evening! Water temp was approximately 10 degrees warmer than Sunday, the water surface was a virtual sheet of glass and the clarity was superb. An ideal evening for a rock wall and back adventure.

Looking forward to continued exceptional swim conditions this evening! :)


Beth said...

Did you swim this morning, or will there be one tonight?

Gumdrop said...

I'm good for a full moon swim at 8:30.

Beth said...

SunSET is 8:32... seems like we'd need to go a bit earlier in order to see. That said, moonRISE isn't until 8:39, according to this:


TrashTrotterz said...

Hey, my name is Stephanie & I was referred to the blog through TriWiClub. I want to swim with ya'll. I'm just starting my training and getting into the tri world. I do not own a wetsuit. I literally just want to jump in the water & go for it. How do I contact you besides commenting on the blog? Email? Facebook? Mine is stephanielynngaal@gmail.com

MaryLee said...

Hi, I'm visiting Milwaukee over the 7/4 weekend staying with a friend who has a house right on the lake. I'm an OW swimmer here in San Francisco (ALcatraz, etc.) but when I look at your water temp sites it looks actually COLDER than here - 47 on one site, 56 on another one. Should I actually bring my (shortie) wetsuit? I'd also love to know if you guys are swimming any time that weekend. Thanks! MaryLee in Mountain View, CA