Sunday, June 19, 2011

3 crew members with 12 kids

Next Swim: Monday @ 6pm
Last Swim: Sunday @ noon
Water temp: upper 50's
Air Temp: 62 & fog
Waves: 1ft rollers from southeast
Clarity: murky nearshore / considerably clearer offshore
Crew: Kahuna, Diablo, Capt'n

The Captn-o-meter was on the fritz this afternoon...but the unofficial toe test and later 5 minute skin swim placed the water temp just shy of 60. Not bad for day highlighted by grey skies and a sudden fog that similar to Friday morning rolled in very quickly during the swim and hid the Klode rock piles if you were more than 100 meters from shore.

Three of us walked the plank today. An interesting statistic that was revealed was that between us we have a total of 12 kids. (...that we know of...) Accentuating that stat is that one of us doesn't have kids. Obviously, some of us are better at swimming than it would appear during our swim adventures.

Speaking of adventures, today's journey took us up to Cedar Grove and back. The water away from Klode's rock piles was noticeably warmer and the water away from the shore was also considerably clearer. Frequent rolling 1ft waves spiced up the swim a bit...especially if you swam near shore or over a sand bar where they would crest and attempt to roll you over.

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