Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Up Early. For What?

Next Swim: Thursday 6/30 6AM

Last Swim: Wed 6/29 6AM
Water Temp: 56
Waves: small
Water Clarity: Clear
Crew: Cap'n, Kahuna, Slip & Slide, Ellen, Patriarch

I would have swum at a more civilized hour, but I was promised that Blondie & Ellie would show up at 6AM, but NOOOOO........., they wimped out, supposedly because it was too cold. You guys are numbers 1&2 on my S*** list. Just so you know.

There are some braver women in the world, as proved by Lane's wife Ellen, who joined us for the first time. I was surprised that she did not seem at all intimated by the cold water as some newbies are. She stayed with us as we swam to Cedar Grove and back.

Also, it was good to see our old friend Steve, who lives just down the shore. Last night we saw him on his jet ski, and this morning he was riding a watercycle type contraption. He offered to host a swim one day, which would be great - his house is on a sand beach and he has a hot tub overlooking the lake - the perfect spot, it would seem to me, to warm up and enjoy some post-swim refreshment.

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Ruth said...

Don't old people usually like getting up early?