Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Too cold. Too dark. Too windy. Too rainy.

Next Swims:
Thursday 6/12 6AM

Gumdrop wants to swim Thursday @ 4PM, email him if interested.  His email is in blogger profile: (sorry I can't make it)

We will probably do a Friday morning swim at 6AM, check blog tomorrow.

Also, Friday the full moon rises over the lake at 9PM exactly.  The weatherman predicts clear skies so the viewing should be great.  If interested in a "full moon swim" please comment.

On Saturday we will do a "shipwreck" swim at noon from Atwater Beach (Lake Drive & Capitol Drive), followed (optionally) by lunch on the bluff.  Tickets for the Shorewood Men's Club Barbecue are being sold by Kahuna in advance or day of.  More info:

Great minds think alike.  This morning Bubba and I independently came to the same conclusion, it was too cold, too dark, too windy and too rainy to swim.  I know, I know.  We're wimps.  We've swum in worse.  But here's the choice:  extra shuteye in a nice warm bed, or go swimming knowing that you will be exiting the water in a cold rain.  Chills and even hypothermia are going to set in very quickly.  You can try to mitigate the chills by immediately running up the bluff, not even stopping to remove a wetsuit, jump in the car, crank the heat and change into dry warm clothes as quickly as possible (made more difficult by numb hands).  It might keep you warm, probably not.

I turned off the alarm, rolled over, and went back to sleep.


Andy said...

full moon swim

Conner said...

I'm definitely in for a full moon swim friday night. thought the full moon was tonight though??