Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sensational Shipwreck Swim

Next Swim:  Sunday June 15th @ noon

Last Swim Saturday June 14th @ noon (Atwater Beach)
   Water Temp:  58 near shore / low 50's away from shore
   Waves:  Calm
   Clarity:  crystal clear
   Crew:  The Patriarch, Diablo, Kahuna, Joe, Capt'n
   Suits / Skin:  4 / 1

Yo ho ho....what a show!  With the exception of water temp today's shipwreck swim may quite possibly have been the most sensational show ever.   The water was crystal clear, the surface was calm and the sand that typically covers sections of the wreck appeared to have been recently swept away.  The entire massive hull of the Appomattox was clearly visible and easy to follow.  According to my GPS visiting the site required less than a 1/4 swim...and if you/re daring enough ( Kahuna and I...) swimming down to walk the plank requires you to plunge only about 10ft.  (...a challenging feat indeed when you're wearing a wetsuit...)

Following today's swim the entire Kru enjoyed a delicious BBQ Chicken and/or Rib lunch, a few pints of grog and live music....all compliments of the Shorewood Men's club.


Kahuna said...

I think it was far more than 10 ft. below the surface. I would guess certainly more than 20 feet, and probably more than 25. An awesome site.

Waterbug08 said...

Jealous! See you guys tomorrow!

rgamperl said...

Any underwater photos?