Thursday, June 12, 2014

Me Myself and I

Next Swims:
Gumdrop is swimming today Thursday @ 4PM, email him if interested.  His email is in blogger profile: (sorry I can't make it)

On Saturday we will do a "shipwreck" swim at noon from Atwater Beach (Lake Drive & Capitol Drive), followed (optionally) by lunch on the bluff.  Tickets for the Shorewood Men's Club Barbecue are being sold by Kahuna in advance or day of.  More info:

Last Swim:  Thursday 6/12 6AM
Water Temp: 51
Waves: Calm
Water Clarity:  Surprisingly clear, usually after a big rain the near shore is cloudy with runoff and sediment, but not today
Crew:  Me, Myself, and I

Well since no one else showed up this morning I presume that means the morning crew needs warmer water to lure you out of bed, not that I blame you.   It's too bad because the lake was extraordinarily beautiful this morning in a fog shrouded melancholy sort of way.  Anyhow, since the water temp is likely to stay the same or even go lower    I won't be showing up tomorrow morning.

Last night I talked to a bunch of swimmers at the Superrun in Lake Park, all anxious to swim but hoping for warmer water.  It will happen eventually of course, but it's frustrating in the mean time.   


Gumdrop said...

Unfortunately I'm out for a Klode moon light swim. Really wish I could be there. I will be attending the death of,er,I mean the bachelor party of, an old friend.

Showgirl said...

Friday swim? I can go before noon or in the 3 to 5 p.m. timeframe.