Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Slowly Improving

Next Swim:  Today Tuesday June 24 5PM (unless there are thunderstorms nearby)

Last Swim:  Yesterday 6/23 5PM
Water temp: 59
Waves:  small chop
Water Clairity:  Poor
Crew:  David, Sketch, Crispy, Kahuna, Capt'n, Patriarch, and special guest Gigi
Wetsuit/Skin Count:  6/0 (Diablo we need you!)
Pitsch Count: 5

Conditions are improving.  The fog was gone.  Most of the dead fish are gone, and the smell.  The water temp is creeping higher.

Kahuna I will never make fun of you again.  You got your revenge for my blog comment yesterday by suggesting I do the track workout this morning at Shorewood High.  It was kind of like trying to swim with James.

P.S.  Crash is proposing a beer garden outing on Sunday, details to follow.

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