Thursday, June 26, 2014

Rain Rain Go Away

Next Swim:  Friday 6/26 6AM

I did not swim yesterday but I did stop by the beach yesterday to check conditions.  The water temp was 62.  The dead alewives that had been floating in the water are gone, no stench of dead fish.  The water near shore is still brown and murky, but 50 meters offshore it abruptly clears to bright blue.  The beach is still marked as "closed" due to ecoli counts (as are all the beaches north of Bradford), but I believe that's based on a reading from several days ago.

At Klode the main issue is not the sewage dumping by MMSD, but rather the heavy rains which lead to storm sewer runoff from the street sewers that empty directly into the lake, carrying with them all the fertilizer and pesticides from lawns and gardens, as well as oil, leaves, pollen and other gunk.  A veritable feast for growing stuff.  The good news is that no more rain is predicted for the next couple days, but then some rain is possible this weekend.

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