Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Miracles Happen

I don't have a swim to report today but I do have a good story.  Spoiler Alert:  This is one of those made-for-Hollywood tear jerkers where everything goes wrong for the story's heroes (me and Cap'n), but right at the end a miracle occurs and everything turns out all right.  And you say to yourself  THAT would NEVER happen in real life, but it DID and we have a picture to prove it. So grab a box of tissue and read on.

It all started innocently enough.  The temperature maps of the lake were all showing mid-40s, but I was driving by Big Bay late afternoon and said to myself "sometimes the maps are wrong, I'll take a reading".  And sure enough I registered 52 off the pier, still cool but warm enough to think about.  And the sun was shining and the water calm and crystal clear.  Never did our Lady look so inviting. She was asking me, no begging me to swim. I know what you're thinking: "Patriarch you should know better".  But I can't resist Her siren song.

So I text Cap'n and see if he could he could meet me at Klode in an hour, and he says sure and we are hoping for a great swim.  As we descend the bluff we run into our old friends Dave and Not Dave's Wife.  We tried to get them to swim with us but they rejected us (cue the tissues).  But they did give us some good news, a photo shoot involving an attractive blonde is happening on the beach.

We walked by the photographer and model, and we're intrigued and curious, but what can we say that wouldn't make us sound like a couple of creeps? So we walk by.  We wade into the water and our thermometers immediately plunge into the 40's.  She's done it again, our beloved Lady had seduced us, enticed us, flirted with us, and then spit us out like bad food.  So now we've been thrice rejected:  Dave, Not Dave's Wife, and the Lake.  I'll pause for a moment as you probably need to grab another box of tissue.

So, sad, rejected, despondent and depressed, we start walking up the bluff.  The sight of the model was even more depressing, because we want to talk to her, but we might as well try to talk to a mermaid.  Then the miracle happens.  Out of the blue she says "I recognize you two from the swim blog".  Turns out this particular mermaid is a certified yoga instructor, writes a blog about healthy eating, is a triathlete training for Chicago, follows our blog and plans to swim with us.  Unbelievable, right?  Well here is a link to her blog and below that a picture of her and your heroes.


Copywright: Patriarch 2014, Hollywood and Broadway producers interested using this story for movie and play productions can contact my agent at CrazyCap'n.com


John Schneider said...

The water looks beautiful!

Gumdrop said...

You shoulda went swimming, what arrr ya waitin fer? More sugar in your cocoa?

Waterbug08 said...

you sly dogs =)

Gumdrop said...

Last swim: 6-05-14, 4:00 PM
Water Temp: mid 50's per toes
Air Temp: 60's and nice blue sky
Waves: liquid glass
Clarity: crystal
Crew: Gumdrop and some fish schools
Suit Count: 1
Distance: Beach stair

Words fail when describing me lady when she be in a welcoming mood. I could perhaps be persuaded for an afternoon swim tomorrow.

Katherine Pummill said...

Haha amazing! Loved meeting you both and thanks for the epic recap :) Excited to swim with you as soon as that lake warms up.

In the meantime, I'll try and head down and catch you for some beach yoga.