Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Old Friends

Next Swim: Wednesday 6/11 6AM (unless it's raining heavily, which is possible according to the weather man)

I seem to be running into anxious swimmers everywhere.  Yesterday it was Coach Dom (the Shorewood High track and cross country coach).  Everyone has the same question:  when the heck is the lake going to warm up?

 Bubba to the rescue!  In the blog comments he reported swimming by himself Monday and Tuesday morning.   That's double good news.  First it's good to hear he's been swimming again, we thought he was injured.  More importantly, he reports water temperatures in the mid-50's.  OK that's not warm exactly, but certainly better than the 40's we've seen recently.  Apparently onshore winds we've had the last few days are finally blowing in some warmer water.

Bubba, I for one will be happy to join you tomorrow (weather permitting).

Also, we hope to do a "shipwreck" swim on Saturday at noon at Atwater Beach, followed by the Shorewood Men's Club barbecue on the bluff overlooking the beach.  Kahuna is selling tickets.  A shipwreck swim is a swim to the wreck of the steamship Appomattox which lies about a quarter mile offshore, it's quite a sight but we need clear calm water for best viewing.

P.S.  To Terri P who asked a question about PM swims on weekdays.  Yes, we will do that when the water warms up a bit more, stay tuned.  


Gumdrop said...

I'm swimmin Thursday afternoon @ 4-about a couple miles-please email if interested. Email is on blogger profile.

Ben Speed said...

Well, I got up for the morning swim today and found nasty weather. I'm staying home. Hopefully calmer seas on Thursday.