Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Morning Update

During my morning run I stopped at Big Bay to take a temperature reading.  I got 51, a bit too cold for me.  So I think I will pass on a Friday afternoon or full moon swim, and hope for warmer water tomorrow for the "shipwreck" swim:

On Saturday we will do a "shipwreck" swim at noon from Atwater Beach (Lake Drive & Capitol Drive), followed (optionally) by lunch on the bluff.   Meet at the beach overlook near the flagpole.  It will be busy you may need to park a couple blocks away.   

Tickets for the Shorewood Men's Club Barbecue are being sold by Kahuna in advance or day of.  More info:


Kahuna said...

I have a dozen "half chicken dinner" tickets, and a few "half-rack-o'-rib dinner" tickets. I'm selling the chick tixs for a discounted price of $10.50 (compared to $11 at the door). I'll have them with me tomorrow at noon. A good time was had by all at last year's shipwreck swim, and post-swim feed and swill. The weather also looks promising for tomorrow, so maybe we'll have calm, clear water, and good water temps. On a rare, clear day, the shipwreck is an awesome thing to see.

Kahuna said...

Rib tickets are $13. The ribs last year were yummy.

Diablo said...

During my swim this morning my toes were getting cold. I went to Garage from the North Beach under the wacthful eyes of 200 or 300 gulls laughing at me. Sequels of the movie Nemo with seagulls saying "Mine, mine, mine..." were occupying my thoughts.
With that said, wind has been blowing from the west and according to Captain's theory, refreshing water from the bottom is being moved by the Lady to the top; it is going to be a wonderful day for a swim.
Kahuna, please save me one chicken dinner. I will be eating while watching the shipwreck from shore.

Showgirl said...

Little League kept me from the swim and chicken dinner. Harini/Panini and I swam at Klode at 10:30am. I swam south to dead man's tree. The water was slightly choppy, very clear, maybe 56 degrees.