Saturday, July 9, 2011

Where O Where is Slip&Slide?

Next Swim: Sunday 6/10, 1PM Klode

Last Swim: Sat 6/9, 1PM
Water Temp: 67
Waves: One foot chop
Water Clairity: Excellent
Crew: Cap'n, Crash, Diablo, Kahuna, Brad, Sara, Diamond Dave, Phil, Andy, Mike and his wife Brenda, who will hereafter be known as Alewife. And (although we didn't actually talk to him) Slip& Slide

I tried out my new"SafeSwimmer" flotation device, much to the amusement of Cap'n and Diablo. (Click on "eStore", then "SafeSwimmer"). It worked great! You don't even know it's there, it doesn't impede (or help) swimming. And I feel a little safer with it on. I recommend it.

It was a great day for skin swim for Cap'n, Diablo and me (the rest wore wetsuits) , but it was major work pushing into heavy chop on our way south, and we didn't think it wise to go all the way to Big Bay with 67 degree water and heavy chop, so we turned back at "drain pipe". The return trip was much faster with the waves at our back. The hero of the day was Kahuna, who made it all the way to Big Bay in his wetsuit, and ran back to Klode. I hope I can one up him tomorrow by doing it without the wetsuit.

When we returned to the beach there was an extra bag, which Cap'n believed to be Slip&Slide's, who must have arrived after we were already in the water. No one had seen him, and we spent considerable time scanning the water to try to see him, which is very difficult with all the whitecaps. We figured he was OK, but we never leave without accounting for everyone. Eventually we were happy to see a swimmer with a green cap and wetsuit very far from shore returning to Klode.

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greg renden said...

Sorry I missed you guys! Still a little sleep deprived from a 16-hour bus ride back from North Carolina, but I made it to Big Bay and back, heading out as Dave Diamond and Brenda (aka Alewife) were returning, and had a quick chat with Brad, 200 yards off shore. "Hey, how's it going?" "Swimming. You?" With the waves, it was 50 minutes out, 35 minutes on the return trip. I am indeed safe - and thought I saw three Easter Island sentinels on the shore when I glanced up to sight... but I thought I saw a lot of other things, too, in my tired, sea-soaked state.