Friday, July 22, 2011

From Viking to Skin in 24 hours!

Next Swim: Saturday 1PM

Last Swim: Friday 7/22 6PM
Water Temp: 62.5
Waves: 1ft light chop from SE
Water Clarity: Exceptional HD like quality
Crew: Diablo, Crash, Lane, Little Fish, Dave, Cheryl, Capt'n

Wow...what a drastic change in water temps! 24 hours ago it took an exceptional amount of fortitude to swim skin in bone chilling 48 degree water. Today swimming up to the Garage and back skin was no problemo.

Equally as exceptional this evening was the water clarity. It was one of those swims where you look over at the person swimming next to you and it's just like your watching one of those underwater Discovery HD shows on your big screen HDTV.

If the current water conditions persist, swimming to big bay (and back?) tomorrow should be a go. See ya' Saturday!

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