Sunday, July 10, 2011

Is she just messin' with us?

Next Swims: Klode Monday 6/11, 5:45AM, Tuesday 6PM, Wednesday 5:45AM

Last Swim: Sunday 6/10, 1PM Klode
Water Temp: 56.3
Air Temp: 88 & partly cloudy
Waves: One foot chop
Water Clarity: Good
Crew: The Patriarch, Diablo, Kahuna, SonofKahuna, Riptide, Chris, John (JJ3), Kobinsky, Steve, Brad, Capt'n with special guest appearances from Crash, Sara, Andy and Mrs. Andy-to-be

So there we were....a hearty sized crew of 13 buzzing with excitement to walk the plank on a delightful day for a dip. ...and then the first shock....the trusty Captn-o-meter reads just 60.2. Several toe tests from crew members confirm the somewhat disappointing news that the water temps had dropped from the delightful temps we've enjoyed these past 3 days. A couple crew members defect but the rest press onward to the plank.

Then we voyage out a bit from the Klode shore....what we thought was 60 degree water felt more like the low 50's. ...another crew member defects leaving us with 10 hearty soles. The remaining crew members press onward to log a 'drain pipe' and back swim....but I'll admit it took quite sometime after today's swim for my soles to thaw out.

Some day's I think the Lady of the Lake is just messin' with us. After 3 days of water temps in the mid-upper 60's and a sticky air temp today in upper 80's it would seem logical that the water temp would remain at least in the 60's right? WRONG! After recording an initial temp of 60.2 the Captn-o-meter read 56.3 following our swim. (...and it felt colder during the swim!) Did the water temp really drop that quickly....or perhaps is the Lady of the Lake just messin' with us?

Luckily we came prepared today with our favorite post cold water swim elixir....Killepitsch. After just one round we were rip roarin' ready to log another voyage....but we'll save that for tomorrow. :)

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