Sunday, July 3, 2011

Big Crew + Long Swim Sunday

Next Swim: Big Bay Monday 7/4 1PM & 3:30PM

Last swim: Sunday 7/3 1PM
Water Temp: 60
Air Temp: 75 & Sunny
Waves: calm
Water Clarity: Crystal Clear
Crew: The Patriarch, Diablo, Gumdrop, Kahuna, Crash, eRun, Ellie, Riptide, Melanie, Dave, Nick, Preston, Matt, Capt'n

Wow, what an exceptional day it was to swim from Klode! Plentiful sunshine, comfortably warm air temps and crystal clear & calm water conditions. Unlike yesterday the water at Klode measured consistently between 60-62 degrees.

I don't think anyone was fooled though. Yesterday's frigid pockets of water were still out there so we all resisted the temptation to swim skin. Fortunately, due to the sunny warm conditions the cold water was really only prevalent to your finger tips or your toes if you stood up in the water. The surface water today was at least a comfortable 60+ and the only time you really noticed cold pockets of water were when you swam behind someone who was kicking up a lot of water.

Today was not only the largest crew of the year but it was also our longest journey. 14 crew members walked the plank and all 14 made it up to the end of the rock wall (1.4 miles round trip). From that point 10 continued up to 3 piers before heading back to Klode (1.8 miles round trip). To celebrate our exceptional adventure this afternoon 9 shots of Pitsch were hoisted to the wind. Salute!

Tomorrow's swim will take place at 1pm from Big Bay. Traditionally the Klode beach is closed on the 4th as they stage the Whitefish Bay Fireworks on the Beach. As I will be running the Firecracker 4 and New Berlin National Dash races tomorrow I will not be able to make it to Big Bay until 3:30pm. Diablo and quite possibly The Patriarch are planning to walk the plank at 1pm.

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