Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Water temps bounce back!

Next Swims: Thu 5:45AM

Last Swims: Tuesday (7/12) 6PM & Wednesday (7/13) 5:45AM
Tuesday Conditions:
Water Temp : 62.6+ (warmer offshore)
Waves: rippled lake surface
Water Clarity: great
Crew: Diablo, Crash, Beth, Lane, Mr. Amazing, Jeff, Capt'n with special guest appearance from Steve F.

Wednesday Conditions:
Water Temp : 63.3
Waves: frequent 2-3ft & building
Water Clarity: great offshore
Crew: Diablo, Gumdrop, Beth, Steve F., Ben, first timer Mike, Capt'n

As quickly as the warm water left it has now returned! Also returning this morning were some good sized waves which made for a challenging swim but were fun to navigate.

Given the frigid water temps the past few days the crew pretty much treated the pleasant water temp reading from the beach as if it were fools gold. Depending on where the reading was taken from the temps ranged from 62-65. Certainly there would be some left over cold water pockets right? (....not too mention Jeff was here and mumblings have been heard recently that Jeff = cold water.) we all decided to climb into our wetsuits.....except of course for Mr. Amazing who's doesn't even raise an eyebrow when contemplating swimming long in 52 degree water. As it would turnout the water was actually warmer offshore and not colder. Of course we all knew it would be warm....we just wanted to wear our wetsuits so we could swim long....up to the marooned orange kayack and back to be exact. (approximately 1.5 miles)

On Wednesday we knew the pleasant water temp reading was as good as most of us (Gumdrop, Diablo, Ben, first timer Mike and myself) all swam skin. The waves were challenging at times but fun to roll around in. Wednesday's journey took us up to Cedar grove and back....which lasted as long as a typical rockwall and back journey does most days.


erun said...

is anyone who's not doing the aquathon interested in going Thursday evening at 6pm before Bastille Days run?

Mike C said...

would be interested Friday at 6pm.

Mike said...

thanks for letting me tag along on Wednesday. I hope to join you on some warmer days or with a new wetsuit - mike