Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pirates Adventure

Next Swims: Mon Aug 1st 5:45AM & 6PM (we couldn't decide on morning or evening, so why not both?)

Last Swim: Sun 7/31 10AM to the shipwreck off Atwater beach
Water temp: 60 near shore, hot and cold spots offshore
Water Clarity: Excellent near shore, not so good at the shipwreck
Waves: calm
Crew: Kahuna, Sonnakahuna, Gumdrop, Mike, Ben, Patriarch

Atwater beach is closed for construction, and our plan was to sneak in from the south. But Sonnakahuna was incensed, "Pirates don't sneak to the beach, they storm", and so he led us on a frontal assault of the barricades, and we stormed the beach. From there it was out to the shipwreck to hunt for sunken treasure. The water clarity was moderate, no gold doubloons were sighted, but we did get some glimpses of the wreck, including a large metal cylindrical piece I had never seen before. From the pictures of the ship, I think it might have been the smokestack.

Other than the lack of clear water at the wreck it was a perfect day for a swim, nice and warm and sunny. Let's hope for more of the same tomorrow.


Diablo said...

What the crap, I went to Klode at noon to swim with... nobody...
I swan to the staircase, in clear water, freaking out a couple times going through seaweed patches. Found cold pocket-hot pocket-cold pocket-cold pocket-hot pocket-cold cold pocket... the sun felt good.
See you at the beach or not...

Gumdrop said...

Hey, Diablo, we missed you. I think Patriarch was under some spell of the Lady of the lake calling him to the wreck site. I suspect communication would have been better if we had Cap'n steering this ship of fools. Anyway, upon entering the wreck site Patriarch became obsessed with trying to spy a good glimpse through the murky water. While he , Kahuna, and Sonnakahuna dived and flapped around the approximated wreck site like a bunch of pillaging pirates searching for rumored lost loot, Mike and I swam out to the weather station. It was a little on the chilly side and we were both sleeveless, but a nice swim non the less.