Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Under Siege

Next Swims: Thu Aug 27th 6AM, and Friday Aug 28th 6AM

Last Swims: Wed Aug 26th 6AM
Water Temp: 47
Waves: Calm
Water Clarity: Excellent
Crew: Itch
Wetsuit/Skin:  0/1

Although August is usually the warmest month for Lake Michigan water temps, even in August it's not unusual to have a few days of cooler water.  But I can't remember anything like this current streak of cold water. It's been a week and a day of sub-50 degree readings, and my only swim was the Great Lake Plunge in a wetsuit.

The good news is the weather pattern that created this upwelling of cold water has finally broken.  The strong offshore winds have shifted to onshore which will allow some warming.  There's plenty of summer left.  Hopefully we'll have some more swimmable conditions soon.

Of course while I'm whining about cold water a few of the real bad asses have continued to swim.  You guys are better than me.


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness, it's been so long since I've seen Renee in the water, I've started to refer to her as "On Shore Nancy".

Jeff said...

Good one, Mark.

Patriarch said...

Mark, I don't think you'll need that tandem anymore. I'd be happy to buy it from you

Kahuna said...

Ha. Great line. But look at the full-color Lake Michigan Water Temperatures Map. That's just a huge amount of lake service that is covered with water in the 50 degree range. In the epic battle between the Wicked Witch of the West Wind and the Good Witch of the East Wind, the Wicked Witch is sure winning this August.

Kahuna said...

That should be "lake surface" not "lake service".

Patriarch said...

The map you refer to says the lake wide average surface temp is 58. That would feel good right now

Showgirl said...

We are not getting enough service out of the lake.

Kahuna said...

Time to sacrifice a virgin, to appease the Gods?

(And before everybody jumps all over Kahuna for being a sexist jerk, note my suggestion is unspecific as to gender.) Kahuna has never been too clear on the whole "sacrifice a virgin" thing; does that involve throwing said virgin into the "volcano," or involve said virgin voluntarily sacrificing his or her virginity for the good of the tribe? Maybe the Gods would be appeased enough if the Kru just throws some teenager (that's likely virginal enough these days) off the rocks into the Lake? I don't need 70 degree water, just something in the 50s. Volunteers, nominations, or other better proposals to break the curse?

Jeff said...

Well, with three kids,fortunately I'm ineligible to participate in Kahuna's "plan".

Kahuna said...

Diablo, definitely, definitely out.