Friday, August 21, 2015

A new skin record??? (join the debate)

Next Swims:
   Saturday 8/22 @ 1pm
   Sunday 8/23 @ 10am

Last Swim:
   Friday 8/21 @ 6am
      Water Temp:  7.3C (45.1)  Scientific-o-meter / 44.6 Patriarch-o-meter / 43.2 Macho-meter
      Air Temp: 58 & Sunny
      Waves:  Flat
      Clarity: crystal clear
      Kru: Diablo, Gumdrop & Itch with witnesses The Patriarch, Showgirl, Crash, Scarface, Mitch, Fred and Capt'n
      Ball Count: 8 Itchy balls

Prior to yesterday the coldest official skin swim on record was set on August 27th 2013.  At that time the Scientific-o-meter registered 8.3C (46.9) and macho-meter.v1 registered 45.3.  Since that time both the Patriarch-o-meter and macho-meters have been upgraded/replaced with newer models.  (i.e. the originals died so we jumped on amazon and bought replacements at a hefty price tag of about $4.)  Remaining constant since the 2013 record has been Scientific-o-meter which was generously donated to the Klode Kru by AleWife's Husband.

While the macho-meter would nominate this morning's swim as a record breaker from yesterday's amazing swim (43.2) the Patriarch-o-meter nominates yesterday's swim as the record breaker (44.1 vs 44.6).  As the constant between the previous 2013 record and today's record swim is the Scientific-o-meter readings 8.3C vs 7.3C the Scientific-o-meter would nominate this morning's swim as the record.

As a result, I'd like to make the following proposal:
  • Declare this morning's swim as the "official" skin swim record at 7.3C (45.1)
  • Declare yesterday's swim as the "unofficial" skin swim record at 44.1.
  • ...and allow those who swam/witnessed this morning's swim to brag that the "unofficial unofficial" record skin swim water temp is 43.2.

So what say ye?  Do we have an accord? (Post a comment and voice your opinion)

By the way....not only did itch swim skin this morning he also returned with 8 golf balls!!!


crash said...

Patriarch, is there still room for me in your car tomorrow?

Lorraine said...

For those of you doing the plunge, the latest lake temperature reading is 55-56 degrees and they say they've had to cancel the 500 yard & the 8k events. I know 56 degrees is nothing to many of you but I'm bailing on the event - can't do 1.2 mi in <60 degree without messing up my shoulders. Maybe next year will be better.

Kahuna said...

Beach forecast says water temp will be 69 degrees today. Delusional? The colored water temp map looks no where near that promising. The wind direction forecast looks promising for later today, and tomorrow morning, with winds shifting around to the South and Southeast. I'm planning on being there today, even though there are several members of the Kru down in Chicago. See you on the beach.

Steven Wolfe said...

With the recent cold temps, I was wondering if there are any warmer interior lakes that are good for long distance open water swimming. I know Pewaukee has a Monday night swim program. Any other suggestions?

Also, wanted to throw the following link out for any who were not aware. There is a NOAA buoy at Atwater park. The temp readings seems to match the blog posts pretty closely.